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Webinar Download Instructions | Investigators Anywhere

Webinar Download Instructions

This document outlines the content of ION Webinar downloads and the format and compatibility of viewing this content on a PC or MAC computer.  ION does not provide assistance or troubleshooting with procedures listed below.

NOTE:  Download files are large in size, ranging from 100MB – 300MB in size.



  • Any materials contained within download may not be posted on public websites, shared in public venues or used for  any business or commercial purpose;
  • Training certificates are not issued by ION or Public Agency Training Council for training accessed through your downloaded webinar video package – any instructions given in the video about training certificates is solely for attendees of the Live webinar or for attendees viewing the webinar recording streaming online from the PATC WebEx host.
  • ARF videos may be converted to universal formats – see instructions below.


  • You are downloading a ZIP file
  • A ZIP file is an archive of multiple files, compressed and packaged into a single file
  • ZIP files must be “extracted” in order to have access the contents of the archive
  • The ZIP file format is compatible with all PC and MAC computer systems
  • Most modern computers have the built-in capability of extracting ZIP files but there are free programs designed for this purpose if your computer cannot extract the ZIP file.  For assistance in extracting ZIP files, Google “Open Zip File”.


The extracted ZIP file includes 3 folders:

  • “Install Video Player” – this folder includes sub-folders labeled “For PC computers” and “For MAC computers” – these folders include the install file for the WebEx player required for playback of ARF webinar video files.  To install the files, open the appropriate folder for PC or MAC computers, respectfully, and run the install file.  For assistance with installation or playback of ARF files, visit www.webex.com.
  • “Play Video” – this folder includes the video file for playback.  Most video files are in the ARF format and require installation of the video player listed above.  Additional movie formats may include either WMV or MPG
  • “Webinar Materials” – this folder includes a copy of the instructor’s PowerPoint and/or any materials referenced during the webinar.

*NOTE:  Most materials are in the following formats:  Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, or Microsoft PowerPoint.  If you don’t have these programs there are free “Reader” programs available for download on the Internet.

*NOTE:   Some videos are in WMV or MPG format.  If your video is in WMV or MPG format you will not see an “Install Video Player” folder because these formats are universal video formats compatible with PC or MAC computers.

To play ARF movies, install the video player and then simply click the video file that is located inside the “Play Video” folder.

If there is not an “Install Video Player” folder then your movie is in either WMV or MPG format and may simply be played from within your computers default video player.


  • If the movie file that came with your download was in ARF format then you may convert this movie to either WMV or MPG format from within the WebEX player.
  • To convert the movie, open the WebEx player and select “File” from the toolbar and “Convert” – a dialogue box will appear with conversion options.
  • ION does not support or provide assistance with ARF video conversion.
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